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We are the American Army Training Corps clan. We have a passion for playing video games. We aim to be the best but the most important thing to us is to have as much fun as possible. We love to mess around and enjoy ourselves as much as training and competing. Come join the family!

To All New Or Returning Members

 If you are interested in joining our clan, read "Want To Join Or Rejoin The Clan?" located in the "Welcome Center" board of the ForumsSee you around!

- =AaTc=Adm.~Snake

Returning =AaTc= Members

The new Battlefront is coming out soon! If you are a returning AaTc member after leaving during the SWBF1/SWBF2 years, please post in the "Welcome Center"  just like a new member. After you talk to the admins they will discuss what your rank will be in the new AaTc rank system. Make sure you acquaint yourself with all the new rules and other procedures going on.

AaTc Thanksgiving Party

We will be playing on SWBF1 to celebrate Thanksgiving and have a chance to enjoy our favorite game together. 

We will be playing Hyperion: Ancient Excavations, Earth: Desert Town, and the ELITE Clan Training map, as well as some stock maps.

So, set a reminder in your phone or on your calendar for Friday November 27th Starting @ 7 PM CST. If you need to be a little late, that's fine. EABF will be out by then but let's have one more fun holiday on our favorite game. This event is open to the public.

We Are A Syndicate Clan

AaTc has joined The Syndicate, which is a group of SWBF clans moving to EA's SWBF. We will stand together as a loose confederation to strengthen and support eachother as allies.

List of clans

Syndicate clan

Syndicate Standards & Tenets

Nos firmiores simul

How To Play SWBF1 Online

Gamespy shut down the master server for SWBF online, GameMaster is a software to replace it. Many people still play online with GameMaster. Click Here for the instructions to install the software.

Clan Communication

There are a couple ways we communicate with each other besides using the website. All members should have at least one form of communication. We use Steam and Origin

System Broadcast:

Dear Xfire users - It is with sadness that we must announce that the Xfire Social services will be shutdown on Friday (June 12th). Please visit social.xfire.com to download your video/screenshot data. We apologize for the short notice - Xfire Community Team

Wed Jun 10 15:12:38 2015

Unfortunately, Xfire is no longer in service. It was a huge part of the SWBF community and we will remember it fondly. Hopefully our old AaTc friends will be able to find us through other means.

Clan News

Rank Seniority System

With November promotions about to be posted, I've decided to adopt a seniority promotion for those who are not really promotable. This will reward you higher ranks for staying active and being involved by giving you more say in what goes on in the clan.

It will work like this: All officer ranks will be able to advance to the 10th version of that rank. This could happen once a month with promotions or if the admins notice a commitment to the clan through activity and loyalty. Members can also be promoted out of any number of their rank. So a Rank 4 Assassin could still be promoted next month to Captain. You don't necessarily have to wait until reaching the 10th level of your rank to be promoted to the next, although that may happen. This may be extended to Enlisted ranks as well.

Main Admin Rank Changed

Those with the Main Admin rank now have the ability to choose one of four allowed names/tags for their rank. See the ranks page.

AaTc Steam Group

I created a steam group for the clan, make sure you're in it! http://steamcommunity.com/groups/aatcclan

Updated Links & Downloads page/Promotions on hold

I have updated the Links and Downloads page with a lot of my custom SWBF1 maps from my mediafire account. If you have installed SWBF and want to tryout some maps feel free to try them. Some of those will also be used on clan nights.

Promotions are on hold until the end of October.

New Awards Added

Bronze, Silver, and Gold Recruiter awards along with the Legend award were added today. Keep working on those awards for the end of year award ceremony! 

Epifire Promoted To Main Admin

Epifire, a member of AaTc during the SWBF1 era, and founding member of the new AaTc, has been promoted to Main Admin! He is an excellent leader and deserves everyone's respect. Congratulations Epifire, the clan believes you have what it takes to join the lineage of the leaders of AaTc. Serve your clan well!

Two New Awards and an Official AaTc Awards Ceremony

Two new awards were added to our Ranks & Awards page. The Cyclone award is named after our great leader, Cyclone, who's loyalty to AaTc is only rivaled by Fett's, who Co-Led the AaTc clan in the SWBF1 Era with Cyclone. Cyclone led AaTc through most of the GGW3, and only joined Wu when AaTc merged with Wu. He rarely complained, and was a great mentor and friend. The award is given yearly at the new AaTc Awards Ceremony (Dec. 20th) to the clan member who most exemplifies Cyclone's loyalty. 

The Frog award is named after another great leader, who was one of the first modders in AaTc history. He made an AaTc map, and loved using his creative skills for AaTc. The award is given yearly at the AaTc Awards Ceremony to the clan member who has shown great creativity, especially when that creativity is specifically for the clan. 

The new AaTc Awards Ceremony will be held on Dec. 20th every year. The 1st Tier ranks will decide who get's what award, and the results will be posted in the Clan News area of the forums. Some awards require proof (such as the Sniper Elite award) so make sure you take screenshots of your high scores, or have someone with you.

How Promotions Work

Alright, so in the past promotions were either given in regular intervals, or given based on activity and performance. In the new AaTc the promotion system will be a combination of both. Throughout each month I, and the other Tier 1's, will make note of who is being active on the site, who is making it to clan events (or trying), and who is showing excellent performance during clan battles. On the last Saturday of every month, those marks for each person will be taken into account, whoever has been active on the site, making it to clan events, and showing skill in our games will be promoted. Those who have not been active, will have to try again next month. Extra promotions or demotions can be given at any time by an Admin or RHM. Obviously, any large amount of inactivity without reason will result in probation, and/or demotion. 

The same applies for officers, however officers can be placed in ranks where an officer is needed, rather than what the next rank is. Each rank has a job, and those who hold this job must accomplish the tasks the clan needs done.

So, if you want to be promoted be active and be involved!

Awards Added

Some awards have been added to the Ranks & Awards page. They are ranks recognizing seniority of each member. New Gen is for those who join between now and when EABF comes out, Original is for those who were members of AaTc during the SWBF1 era, and Relic is for those who were part of the CLJ clan before it became AaTc. 

Officers Are Temporarily Squad Leaders

As you can see on the Ranks page, the highest enlisted rank is the Squad Leader. This is for newbies with the most seniority. As SL they will be assigned probably 2 or 3 new guys to mentor. They will be in charge of keeping up with the new members, helping them to get involved, personally inviting them to clan events, and things like that. Also, If we were to join a clan tournament or some battle where our entire clan is involved, the SL will be in charge of their assigned guys during the battle.

Since we are starting off with nothing but officers, all officers are temporarily assigned a side rank of Squad Leader, and as we get new recruits they will be assigned to each officer.

Once we have enough members, we will go back to normal operational procedures.

SWBF1&2 Clan Syndicate Up for Voting

=AaTc= Is going to vote on joining the Syndicate being developed that consists only of clans previously involved in the two original Battlefronts. Vote here!

Moving to EA's new Battlefront

Well, it looks like I am bringing back AaTc to join in on the new Battlefront game. We have long been a part of SWBF1. Now this old clan will rise again to play in the new SWBF! Hopefully we will run into old members who come back to play the new game. I have a feeling it'll be a big AaTc reunion. See you guys in the new SWBF. =AaTc= Forever

Important Links

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